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Facial Massage

25-Minute Facial Massage

A delightful experience for everyone. Facial massage relaxes the muscles of the face and increases blood flow to leave you feeling refreshed.

50-Minute Facial Massage

Dynamic facial care that’s perfect for a deep, restorative treatment and leaves you feeling replenished and invigorated.



25-Minute Chair Massage

Focusing on the back and neck areas, we’ll increase wellness, reduce stress and strain while rejuvenating and relaxing your upper body. Great for work tension, headaches and “device stress.”

25-Minute Foot Massage

Massage of the feet can decrease tension and pain in the entire body and is a deeply relaxing therapeutic modality. You’ll receive massage of the feet, ankles and lower legs, stimulating the organs, circulatory system and lymphatic systems, leading to better overall health.

50-Minute Chair/Foot Massage

Whether you prefer light pressure or a deep tissue massage, our experienced therapists will utilize a combination of Swedish and Asian techniques to reduce muscle tension, increase circulation and promote relaxation throughout your body.