KindSpa FAQ

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Minimum Age of Participants

Everyone, women and men, over 21 is welcome at KindSpa events and clients enjoy our events at all ages over 21. Due to the nature of the products consumed at our events, persons under 21 are best suited for visits before or after the spa event.

Movement of Furniture

Depending on the size of your location, it may be necessary to move furniture to allow for space for massage chairs and facial lounges. Our staff can help advise about the best ways to situate an environment, but we’re not available to move heavy furniture.

Event Floor Plan

To save space, we try to incorporate as much of your existing furniture as possible into spa stations. Existing furniture works best for foot massages. Chairs and couches can be used for those services. We need floor space for massage chairs and facial recliners. We also use your existing kitchen facilities for hors d’oeuvre and bar prep and service. We work to keep the need to move furniture to a minimum, but it may be necessary to move some items. We’ll contact you in advance to organize the event floor plan.

Clothing for Event

Please wear light, comfortable clothing for the event. Items like yoga pants, t-shirts, short sleeves, easy-to-remove shoes, loose clothing and layers are best.

Music for Event

Music that sets the mood is a great addition to a KindSpa event. Choose and play what you like—electronic, classical, jazz, classic rock, light contempory or whatever you think will best create an enivironment for relaxation, fun, social time with friends and a delightful time at your own KindSpa party!

Service Contraindications

You need to inform your massage therapist or facialist of any potential contraindications before your service such as injuries, open sores, infectious diseases or other medical conditions that may affect service. You also need to inform your service provider during the treatment if anything feels uncomfortable or in any way isn’t working for you. Treatment providers are trained to adjust the service for your needs, but can only do so if they are aware of those needs.

Travel Safety

Please make plans to safely travel to and from KindSpa events. It may be best for you to plan to rideshare or take public transportation to the event. When leaving the event, you may be under the influence and unsafe to drive. Please ensure you have a plan to get home safely!

Vaping Products

KindSpa vaping products are safe for traditionally non-smoking environments. The vapor released by these devices has little or no discernible smell, does not impact fabrics or upholstery and will not produce a “secondhand” effect on neighbors or others in the area. Use of the products in our gift bags should not cause you to violate anti-smoking policies in your apartment building, condominium or other residential site.


We love your pets, but sometimes they can cause disruption in a spa environment or it may be a precarious surrounding for them. It’s often best for pets to stay in another room, a kennel or someplace sequestered during spa events.


KindSpa staff will graciously accept any gratuity you wish to provide, but gratuities are not required for any staff member.