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Join us and have a new and exciting cannabis experience at your home or a unique location with KindSpa, a one-of-a-kind mobile spa that provides spa treatments combined with food, drink and individual gift bags filled with cannabis vaporizers and edibles.

You and your guests 21 and over will adore sitting back and relaxing while getting a body massage and having a facial massage. You’ll be served delicious appetizers and desserts along with spa teas and waters as well as beer and wine.

The entire relaxing experience is heightened as you sample items from gift bags filled with cannabis edibles and your own, reusable, rechargeable cannabis oil-filled portable vaporizer. You’ll receive an individual gift bag with items for use at the event with lots of extras for later.

Chat with new friends and old while being pampered, beautified and delighted with food and drink. KindSpa provides you with one of the most relaxing and enjoyable experiences you’ve ever had in your own home, a friend’s home or even an interesting and new Los Angeles location.

It’s one of the most original, uncommon and pleasurable experiences you’ll ever have.

Book an event in your own home, come to one of our monthly ticketed events or even book KindSpa for an event at a remote location of your choice. Try it today!